RPA, with the advent of time & technology, has evolved from early-stage of Assisted RPA, into smart-process automation or Intelligent RPA.

Foretellworks E4 approach emphasizes the importance of considering technology, people and processes as you transition & transform. No matter at what stage you are with the RPA life cycle, our RPA subject matter experts (SME’s) enable you to accelerate your RPA efforts.

Foretellworks ‘Beyond RPA’ automation services, on the other hand, focuses on delivering business outcomes through strategic RPA adoption combined with agile, measurable change management and governance model in client engagements.

These automation technologies can be initiated ranging from a desktop or server or cloud platform taking it up a notch higher with Artificial intelligence assisted RPA.

RPA together with Artificial Intelligence technologies such as cognitive computing and natural language processing automated perceptual and judgment-based tasks once reserved for humans.

Foretellworks ‘Get Cognitive, AI’ Automation Services focuses on providing consultation on intelligent automation application in the areas of
  • Data Capture
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • and Decision Support.

We use relevant technologies in conjunction with RPA to arrive at cognitive capability. Cognitive automation along with Artificial intelligence capability mimics the human way of decision making, which is, in many ways, more complex than the actions and tasks mimicked by RPA processes. Cognitive bots can be supervised or unsupervised, based on constant learning, adjusting to the new information & environment they are being accustomed to.
Foretellworks partners to develop Cognitive automation solutions (bots) which could be pre-trained to automate business processes that involve decision making steps. Relatively less data is required; they don’t require elaborate models. They will be designed & customized according to the user’s operational needs in just a few weeks.

Our Expertise

Automation strategy and management consulting:

Our preparatory measures on digital staff augmentation enable multi-faceted organizations in reviewing & assessing the automation strategy, roadmap and executions to achieve their ever-demanding digital operations.



Our advisory services enable the organization to quickly identify the automation success factors. We help assess the automation opportunities in terms of its scope and benefits which businesses can realize, without having to invest resources, time and effort to carry out research.


Our agile-ready, automation delivery team focuses on designing solutions covering all the aspects of the candidate business process in terms of its complexity and underlying technologies. We assure quick and efficient delivery of viable digital agents (viz. Software robots).


Automation ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace going beyond RPA with cognitive, AI technologies. From CXO's to champions feel the need to understand what is possible and what's already been done in RPA. Foretellworks provides instructor-led onsite and online training, workshops encompassing your team’s objective of intelligent RPA

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