Guide to Automation Journey

Importance of Automation CoE

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Digital transformation has never been this easy! Robotic Process Automation (RPA) amalgamates volumes of repetitive business processes resulting in an overall improved business outcome. Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) houses all the key ingredients in enterprises to make the automation journey rapid, effortless and a sure shot success.
Having a CoE for automation programs not only helps organizations in identifying new opportunities for Automation implementations but also defines a way to standardize the approach, solution, and tools throughout the automation lifecycle and ensure quicker automation deployments.
Foretellworks focusses on following four simple steps while setting up a successful Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)


Define the vision

For an automation initiative, it’s okay to know the end state, upfront, and one can structure the CoE in the simplest way possible. The simple yet substantial process optimization methods & automation consulting approach at Foretellworks, helps organizations to educate their stakeholders, assess the current state of BAU, identify opportunities, define success factors, build the relevant tools, techniques, best practices definitions and build in house capability with training and workshops.

Build strategy and Governance model

It's imperative to know the impact of automation transformation across the organization and the cost benefits around it. Foretellworks’ effective governance model will help organizations in defining key parameters like process automation policies, standards, risk, compliance controls, roles, and responsibilities. It also aids in the know-how of effective automation governance across multiple functions and ensuring quick ‘Value-realization’. Foretellworks can help you structure the CoE specific to RPA within 4-6 weeks.

Make it work

An effective CoE operating model helps your organization to align critical resources, infrastructure, location and skillsets for structuring automation Center of Excellence (COE). Foretellworks propels organizations to define the selection criteria in building the perfect operating model and make it work for rapid RPA implementations and delivery support.

Scale up as you go along.

Organizations with automation initiatives should start small and grow gradually. The RPA CoE can be governed either by IT or the Business. As the Automation CoE serves as a central governing body for managing and leveraging the automation knowledge base, the driving members of CoE can easily go about automating business processes across different functions of the organization. Our key RPA accelerators enable organizations to quickly define their success criteria and help them measure overall RPA practice effectively.