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Beyond RPA

By August 18, 2019 No Comments

The Robotic Process Automation waves have been hitting the ground for only just about a few years now.

Many large enterprises who started practicing RPA a couple of years ago are now contributing to the ecosystem of intelligent automation and enterprises are continuing to realize more benefits around their vision of having an intelligent digital workforce.

The concept of RPA over the years has opened the doors to automating more and more complex processes and to boost its capability further it has even paved its path to solving cognitive and decision-making problems in the ever-growing world of operations.

It is imperative to know that building intelligent bots isn’t necessarily restricted to picking the right Automation tool but also to follow a conventional yet fast-paced approach such as Agile to mitigate any risks at an early stage of the projects and deliver the Automation packages efficiently and effectively.

The amalgamation of benefits around iRPA made it possible for the Automation practitioners to go beyond RPA and provide solutions that are now promising to be platform-independent, secure and are easily scalable. At Foretellworks we thrive to contribute to the ecosystem of intelligent automation with an approach that unravels the challenges while scaling your Automation program beyond RPA.