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RPA Operating Model – Think Big, Start Small

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RPA operating model though key to the success of any RPA implementation, there is no-one-size-fits-all magic. The ideal approach is to start with an effective model with guiding principles and improvise it further to take the form that best suits the organization goals/ KPI’s.

Why do you need an Operating Model to begin with? It’s much about the enterprise objective of your digital transformation journey

  • Maximize business outcome
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Harness the digital workforce
  • Be technology agnostic
  • Ensure Stability, Sustenance, and Scalability

What constitutes an effective operating model? Defining an operating model requires thorough planning, the earlier it’s done, there is an opportunity to improvise with long-term benefits associated



Organization Structure

  • Build-in right level of Federated Centralization
  • IT in alignment with Business Operations
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Re-enforce Agile methodologies


Stakeholder Communication

  • Secure ‘buy-in’, executive sponsorship
  • Set up Steering Committee
  • Inform, propagate the far-reaching impact and benefits of automation
  • Engage and involve business


Governance Framework

  • Constitute Governance board
  • Identify automation opportunities
  • Assess the business case
  • Define Roadmap, metrics, standards
  • Drive Change Management
  • Inculcate Risk Management
  • Ongoing guidance and support


Architecture and Process Optimization

  • Identify the ‘Right’ fit processes to start
  • Prioritize processes for implementation
  • Solution architecture to derive a value-based outcome
  • Select RPA tools that complement your existing tech stack
  • Security is key, ensure compliance to standards


People and Culture

  • Champion Change Agents to drive transformation with agility
  • Emphasize training and continuous learning
  • Compile and share best practices, success stories
  • Advocate ‘Automation First’ culture

Foretellworks Advantage:

At Foretellworks, we understand the need to align with the Organization’s strategy to arrive at an optimum operating model for their success. Our framework, tools, and resources are customized to suit the business requirement coupled with agile, lean execution for accelerated implementation and quick business outcomes. We help organizations establish, innovate and transform Automation Center of Excellence (ACEO) operating model to fit their evolving business needs.